Orestes Matacena is honored to dedicate this page on behalf of his Granduncle Orestes Ferrara to the
glorious Black Cuban Soldiers that were part of the Liberation Army with his Granduncle
during the Cuban Independence War, 1895-1902.
These black soldiers overthrew, along with their white brothers, the Spanish Colonizers.
General Antonio Maceo
was one of the greatest generals in the Cuban Independence War. Being of the black race he was nicknamed "The Bronze Titan"
General Quintin Banderas
It's hard to comprehend how these men fought and won the Cuban Independence War
against the well trained and fed Spanish Colony Army


These black men and women where slaves liberated by white Cubans and became part of the Cuban Liberation Army

Black Cuban Liberation Army soldiers getting ready for a surprise attack on a train carrying Spanish Colony Soldiers

Two Spanish Colony Soldiers killed in combat by a Black Cuban Liberation Army Squadron
The Cuban Liberation Army was the poorest army in the world fighting the most powerful one: the Spanish Colony Army.
The only difference was that the Cubans wanted to be free so they won the war. They were called "Mambí."
Two Cuban Liberation Soldiers during a Spanish Colony Army ambush
Black Cuban Liberation Army Soldier
Black and White Cuban Liberation Army Soldiers were like brothers and fought for their freedom like lions.
In the above picture you can see them cooking an animal they hunted for their lunch
The Cuban Liberation Army during the Cuban Independence War had only two things in their favor:
determination and courage to conquer their freedom no matter what it would take.
They won their freedom

This picture is the essence of how Cuba won their independence in 1902: white and black Cuban soldiers standing side by side.
Their effort to win their independence crossed all barriers.

Cuban Flag