Fidel Casto's Tyrannical Regime in Cuba started January 1. 1959
In its May 5, 2006 article, "Fortunes Of Kings, Queens And Dictators," Forbes put Castro in 7th place in a group of 10 world leaders with "lofty positions and vast fortunes." The magazine estimated Castro's personal wealth to be $900 million nearly double that of the $500 million of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and just under Prince Albert II of Monaco's estimated $1 billion.
A picture says a thousand words.
How can Hollywood "sensitive artists" be in love with a brutal iron fist Tyrant named Fidel Castro?
Why do the American Media not say a word about the human missery caused by the Cuban Tyranny?
Why do the Cuban people have to live like this?
Why do Reverend Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton not raise their fist against the Cuban Tyranny
After all, many Cubans living under this oppression are black


Cubans escaping from the Castro's Tyranny for their freedom.
Remember, Elian Gonzalez?

Why do the Liberals keep their mouths shut and not denounce the Cuban Tyranny?

Cuban men like the ones you see in the picture above have transformed South Florida
into a powerful economy and they own most of the land and businesses of that region
Why is the world silent to the Cuban Tyrannical atrocity?
"Weapons? Why do you want weapons for?"
That is a quote from the first speech that Cuban Tyrant Fidel Castro
delivered to the nation on January 6, 1959 after he took power.
Important to know . . .
Before 1958, Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista had all citizens register their firearms. After the revolution, Raul and Fidel Castro's Tyranny had their Communist thugs go door to door and, using the registration lists, confiscate all firearms. As soon as the Cubans were disarmed, that was the end of their freedom.
Never, ever give up the right to bear arms
Keep the Second Amendment of The Unite States of America intact.
Up to December 31, 1958 Cuba was known all over the world as . . .
The Paris of the Americas
Now it is reduced to . . .
A third world country where the leader is touted to be a billionaire.
Cuban man moments before being executed by the Cuban Communist Tyrannical Regime
You must love the Cuban Tyrannt Fidel Castro
Opposition is not allowed in Communist Cuba


It seems that men like Orestes Ferrara don't exist anymore.
He left Italy and went to fight in the Spanish American War
to bring Liberty and Prosperity to Cuba