Orestes Ferrara took this ship named "Dauntless" in 1896 from Tampa, Florida and went to fight in Cuba as a soldier against the Spanish Colony in the "Cuban Independence War" more known as the Spanish-American War. Moments before leaving he said to Miss. Maria Luisa Sanchez with his heavy Italian accent: -- "If I come alive from the war, I'll marry you. He did. They were married for more than 70 years.

Orestes Ferrara's Anecdotes


At a political exchange a politician of the opposite party saw that Orestes Ferrara had a 'tie pin' with a face resembling the one of a donkey.

As Orestes was about to start his speech, the politician stopped next to him, put his arm around Orestes' back, moved closer to the microphone, and said with a sarcastic tone for everyone to hear . . .

POLITICIAN: Oh, what a cute donkey you have holding your tie! Is it a family member?

ORESTES FERRARA: No. You're looking at a mirror!


At a debate in the Cuban assembly one of the politicians from the Cuban Communist Party named Blas Roca had and interchange . . .

BLAS ROCA: Ferrara, in the Soviet Union anyone can speak against their Government if they want to.

ORESTES FERRARA: You are absolutely right, Mr. Roca. Yes. But only once!



At an assembly debate one of his political opponents was irritated with Orestes.

POLITICAL OPPONENT: Dr. Ferrara, I know! I did go to the University!

ORESTES FERRARA: Trolleys, also go to the University!


At a television interview Orestes was asked by the Host who was trying to corner him with a facetious question regarding dictator Fulgencio Batista's race.:

TV HOST: Dr. Ferrara there is a dilemma that no one has been able to answer. Maybe you could. Is President Fulgencio Batista black or white?

ORESTES FERRARA: He seems to be white.



At the Cuban Capitol Hill a rancher named Cortina was proposing a project tailored made from the Swiss agriculture to implement in the Cuban Agriculture.

The plan sounded good until Ferrara made an objection:

ORESTES FERRARA: Your project sounds excellent Mr. Cortina, but with how many Swiss farmers are you counting to accomplish your goal?


In the year 1913 or 1914 (circa) Orestes, the Secretary of State of Cuba at the time, went to New York for some Government matters. He met a man named Sosthenes Behn on that trip, an American who resided in Puerto Rico.

FERRARA: What are you doing living in Puerto Rico?

BEHN: I love the Caribbean.

FERRARA: Then, you must live in Cuba. I invite you to visit.

Sosthenes Behn loved Cuba so much that he moved to the island.

Sometime after Sosthenes Behn moved, he went to visit Orestes who was his friend and one of the most prominent attorneys in Cuba.

BEHN: Orestes, I want to start a company, and I'd like you to be the Vice President.

FERRARA: Thank you very much for the offer.

BEHN: First, I need you to make the corporation.

FERRARA: What type?

BEHN: A telephone company.

FERRARA: What's the name you want to use?


International Telephone and Telegraph started in Cuba. The rest is history.