Orestes Ferrara - The Author


Orestes wrote more than 40 books, some have been translated to many languages. Among them are:

Memoirs - A look at Three Centuries) (His Memoirs)

The Borgia Pope - Alexander VI

Lucrecia Borgia


L’Amérique et l’Europe

Last Spanish War

Jose Antonio Saco Political Ideas

Loose Pages

Following Lawsuit

Enrique IV of Castilla

The 1914 European War

Felipe II Biography

Ciceron & Mirabeau

Robespierre, The French Revolution Extremist

The Moral of Great Orators

Marti and the Eloquence

The Problems of Peace

The Organization of the Continents

Europen Works

The Private Correspondence of Nicolas Michiavello

Tentative European Intervention in America

The Historic Hegemony

Teachings of a Revolution

Isabel the Catholic and Beltrajena

Cardinal Gaspar Contarini and his Mission

The XVI Century under the Venetian Ambassador's Light

My Relations with Maximo Gomez

Orestes and with his sister Emma
Villa Matacena, La Spezia, Italy