Orestes Ferrara - Cuban Insurrection

Cuban Patriots called Mambises posing for a snap-shot in 1895 during the "Cuban Independence War,"
better know as the "Spanish American War."

These black and white Cubans were fighting together to emancipate their beloved country from the Spanish Colony.

Black & White Cubans have always eaten from the same plate.

If you ask a Chinese-Cuban , Italian Cuban, Spanish Cuban, African-Cuban, Cuban Jew or a American-Cuban;
where is he/she from? Their answer will be always a simple one: -- "I'm Cuban."

Cubans are proud of being Cuban.

Their ancestry and/or religion for a Cuban are irrelevant to them
when it comes to defining where they are from.

The Cuban machete was more powerful than the Spanish Colony firearms

Cubans fought against the Spanish Colony yoke with the unbending
determination to conquer freedom. And they did,

Cuban women were as brave and determined as
the men to make Cuba an independent country.

Can you imagine fighting a war like this? It was hard for the Cuban Liberators to fight a powerful and very well equipped
Spanish Colony Army. But their determination to become free was more powerful.