Emigrazione e Presenza Italiana in Cuba

 Emigration and Italian Presence in Cuba


Domenico Capolongo

Orestes Ferrara

January 13, 2009

Caro Domenico,

I received your book “Emigrazione e Presenza Italiana in Cuba,” (Emmigration and Italian Presence in Cuba) I have to congratulate you and all those involved in producing a book of such high quality and aesthetic beauty. It is simply spectacular!

I would like to take the liberty to thank you on behalf of all the Italians who emigrated to Cuba and their descendants. Unanimously we take the sombrero off to you and your collaborators who took the time and the dedication to do such a sharp historical work equal to no other on the emigration and the Italian presence in Cuba.

In particular, I want to give you a thousand thanks, on behalf of my Great-Uncle, Orestes Ferrara, and the rest of my family, for devoting yourself to bring to light the historical passage of the life of our illustrious relative, Orestes Ferrara who joined Italy and Cuba forever in history.

Thanks to you, your devotion, your investigation, your eloquence and great love to discover, Orestes Ferrara will be remembered by many and known by today's generations and those of the future as a great man who always put his life on the line to defend human freedom.

As a Cuban of Italian heritage, I feel very proud and grateful. But I also admit that the rest of the world will always be indebted to you for writing a history book where you add one more small part to enrich the history of the universe.

Many thanks for sending me a copy of “Emigrazione e Presenza Italiana in Cuba” and writing me a personal note in your own handwriting.

Big hug from Hollywood,


Orestes Matacena

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