Orestes Ferrara's Life In Exile

Orestes Ferrara made Rome's Grand Hotel Plaza in Italy his home from 1960, one year after a Third World Tyrant imposed his iron fist Communist Tyranny in Cuba, until his death in February 1972 at 96 years of age.

Maria Luisa Sanchez Ferrara, Orestes beloved wife and inseparable companion for more than seventy years, lived at the Grand Hotel with him until her death.



The Grand Hotel Plaza was established at the time of Italy's Unification, 1860, it has been a theatre of important cultural and social events.

This marvelous hotel has also been a set for several important movies.

The Grand Hotel Plaza Rome is one of the oldest and most prestigious Hotels in Rome. It is located in the heart of the historical center, just a few steps away from "Trinita' dei Monti," otherwise known as the "Spanish Steps" where most of the elegant shops are found.


Thank God, Orestes lived a good life!

Orestes wrote his Memoirs at the Grand Hotel in Spanish. The book has not been translated to other languages yet.

The name of the book is:

"MEMOIRS, A Look At Three Centuries"


No wonder Italy is a nation of artists and great men