In 1891 Jose Marti wrote a wonderful poem to Orestes Ferrara's wife, Maria Luisa Sanches, in Tampa (Ibor City,) Florida.

The poem sound beautiful in Sapanish. For the English translation you be the judge.


To Maria Luisa Sanches:

There is only one consolation
in the barbaric world of war
the stars in the sky
and the girls on the earth.

The morning has no rival
with its pale and pure light
but, yes, there is a rival, your tenderness,
pale Cuban girl.

I say, my slender girl,
there in my home of martydom,
that I have seen in Ibor city an Iris
with hair flowing freely.

Jose Marti




To Maria Luisa Sanches:

No hay en la bárbara guerra
del mundo más que un consuelo
las estrellas en el cielo
y las niñas en la tierra.

No hay rival de la mañana
con su luz pálida y pura
mas sí hay rival, tu ternura
pálida niña cubana.

Yo diré, mi niña esbelta,
allá en mi hogar de martirio,
que he visto en Ibor un lirio
con la cabellera suelta.

Jose Marti

Jose Marti
The Founding Father of Cuba


Maria Luisa was born and raised in The United States of America by Cuban immigrant parents that moved to the States for political reasons in the second half of the 1800s.

The family was completely devoted to the emancipation of the Cuban people from the Spanish Colony yoke.

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Maria Luisa Sanchez Ferrara



Orestes Ferrara met Maria Luisa Sanchez in Ibor-City, Tampa, Florida, USA on his way to Cuba in 1896.

It was love at first sight. They were married for more that seventy years. Truly soul mates.

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Maria Luisa Sanchez & Orestes Ferrara


When Maria Luisa and Orestes met they were so taken with each other that moments before Orestes boarded the ship that was about to take him to Cuba--so he could fight in the Cuban Independence War (Spanish-American War) against the Spanish Colony--he whispered in her ear with his heavy Italian accent:

"If I come back alive from the war, I'll marry you."

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Fredesvinda & Maria Luisa
The Sanchez Sisters



Orestes kept his promise and married the gorgeous Cuban American lady named Maria Luisa Sanchez, immediately after the Spanish American War victory.

Maria Luisa spent the rest of her live at Orestes side.

They were together more than seventy years. Talking about promises!!!

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Maria Luisa & Orestes Ferrara


This ship was the one that took Orestes Ferrara to fight in the Spanish American War in 1896 when he was 20 years old.
Upon boarding the vassal he said to Maria Luisa -- "If I come back alive from the war, I'll marry you.".



Fredesvinda Sanchez was maried to Cuban Independence war Colonel Carlos Aguirre.

Carlos and Fredesvinda had a son named Carlos who everyone called Carlitos.

In 1923 when Carlitos was just 23 years old, he went on a trip to Italy. The ship stopped in a Spanish port and he decided to go to a bullfight.

At the bullfight, Carlitos saw a beautiful lady sitting at a booth near the arena so he decided to go and meet her.

One of the ushers realized that Carlitos had moved from his seat and was sitting next to the beautiful lady.

The usher told Carlitos to move back to his seat, but Carlitos was taken by the lady's looks and charm and kept delaying his move.

When the usher ordered him to move the third time, Carlitos told the usher that he will move in a couple of minutes.

The bullfigher plunged his sowrd into the bull while Carlitos talked to the lady.

When the bull felt the sowrd entering its flesh, he jerked his head so strong that the sword flu into the air stabbing Carlitos right in his heart killing him.

Since that horrific day in 1923, Carlitos mother, Fredesvinda, always dressed in black and went everyday to his tomb until her death in 1966.









Sisters Fredesvinda & Maria Luisa Sanchez Ferrara